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10 Key Home Decorating Tips: #7 Out with the Old, In with the New

February 18, 2020

If you’ve been following my blog series, 10 Key Home Decorating Tips, you’ve created a decor inspiration board that includes atmosphere and style goals, inspirational tears, and a color palette and plan. With this solid foundation you are ready for Tip #7, which coincides with our entrance into 2020. The new year often inspires us to make life-changing improvements. “Out with the old, in with the new” becomes our motto whether we plan to upgrade our environment or our attitudes. After all, it’s difficult to make progress without a little house cleaning first!

Whether you are moving into a freshly built home or remodeling the one you currently live in, begin by organizing, decluttering and cleaning. When moving, take time to rid yourself of that which no longer serves or pleases you. The more you sell or give away the less you have to transport and reintegrate into your new digs. If remodeling an existing home or space, assess what you can and can’t live without. It’s important to open up space in the room to allow your mind the freedom to visualize and thus create something new.

If you are unsure where to begin I recommend picking up a copy of Feng Shui Your Life, The Quick Guide to Decluttering Your Home and Renewing Your Life. I’ve been enjoying the practical guidance and inspiration it provides and think you will too!

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