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A Look Behind the Scenes

September 10, 2019


Inspiration for my photography comes in all shapes and sizes. Take these old pair of boots for example.

The light was shining on them one day and I was intrigued by the deep cracks that seemed to tell their own story of the journey we each take in life and how time and age leave their mark. Chiseled but not worn out, there’s added character in the wrinkles of time. I was curious to see what story could be captured in a photograph.


The result is the image below, Wild Horses.

The lines across the photo remind me of how the manes of wild horses look when they are running free. I enjoy the surprise of another story that can be told through the lens. It’s one of the delights of the work that I do. 


The next dimension that continues to intrigue me is how flexible abstract art is in different interiors. Each client can create his or her story for the artwork in their own setting as seen below.

It’s fun to think of the conversations that might arise when people who don’t know the story behind Wild Horses see it for the first time.

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