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Star Bright - A Look Behind the Scenes

January 16, 2020

Happy New Year! I just finished uploading new artwork to my website and am pleased to share it with you as the new year gets underway. Here is a look behind the scenes for one new piece called Star Bright.


Patterns are everywhere in life. We see patterns in geometry, the cosmos, behaviorally and other areas. I’m particularly intrigued with geometric patterns in nature and certain designs that have transcended cultures and time.

This summer I opened a package for my birthday that had this wonderful brown packing paper in it (the gift was nice too). I began photographing the paper and recognized a pattern that resonated from two memories.


One was this wasp's nest that I had found on the ground recently and the other was from the Basilica of San Francesco in Siena Italy when I was there in 2014.

The inlaid marble floor was fascinating and the craftsmanship and geometric pattern were mesmerizing. I immediately became obsessed to see if I could create an image through photography that would create an illusion of texture and dimension. The result is the image below titled Star Bright. The contrast of white and black and the hexagons, although not perfect in shape, remind me of our uniqueness as individuals, that we have a place in the pattern of life and we are united in the web of humanity.


Star Bright Look Studio 2019 

Star Bright Look Studio 2019  

I hope 2020 is a great year for you. Stop by the studio and enjoy a glass of champagne to celebrate winter, snow and the New Year! 

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