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The Art of Giving: A Boy, A Box, A Bouquet

June 18, 2020

The Transformation of Giving into Art

There was a little boy name Colin who loved trucks and games and drawing.

Colin played and played all day long but couldn’t go outside because the world had gone wrong.

He had to be careful, he had to be safe. It wasn’t as fun and he wanted to run.

Colin’s mom wanted him to be happy and was at wits end because Colin wanted no napping.

Mom heard about Art Kits to Go, if you just walk in. The Art Base was handing out boxes for free, what a bargain.

She ventured out, unsure of the new world around and was surprised at what she found.

Behind a mask she saw a smile as the Art Kit to Go from Art Base was handed to her for a trial.

Excited and thrilled she hurried home to Colin to show him so he would no longer groan.

They took the bits and pieces and started laughing and painting. Who knew drawing lines and watercolors were so fun, no debating.

After drawing awhile, he showed his Grandma B so she could smile.

She looked and oohed and aahed and Colin was pleased he had done a good job.


Some time had passed and people still weren’t happy so Grandma B said let’s help some people not be so snappy.

She and Colin took his drawings and made a sleeve that would hold a bouquet of flowers for those who wanted to believe.

It was the first of May and a glorious day to share these bouquets with friends away.

The flowers arrived as a surprise and the “priceless” art they were wrapped in would have to survive

Receiving and believing the Happy May Day gift lifted my spirits and I began to wonder how I could give back to Colin and Grandma B within free limits.

A photo, I thought to capture his creations so he could remember and smile with elation

To give from the heart is free, to give freely is our right. To warm someone’s heart is a form of art and creates light.