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10 Key Home Decorating Tips: #6 Color & the 60/30/10 Rule

July 30, 2019

Color, color, color - so much to cover when considering color and decor! Within this blog series, 10 Key Home Decorating Tips, we’ve determined which colors work well together, chosen a palette and created a plan for transitioning that palette from room to room within your home

Now I’m ready to share one last important color tip that will help ensure each of your individual rooms look balanced. Simple yet effective, it’s the 60/30/10 rule. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? With your room atmosphere choices in hand, apply the rule as follows: use 60% of your primary color, 30% of your secondary color and 10% of your accent color(s).

Let’s jump right to some pictures to illustrate this concept. Notice how this powder room by Studio Black Interiors not only contains beautiful tile and cabinetry but is simply and naturally pleasing to look at. This room  follows the 60/30/10 rule: 60% gray, 30% brown, 10% white.

(Image from Studio Black Interiors)

This room, found on Vida + Luz, also follows the rule with 60% white, 30% dark teal and 10% brown. Extremely harmonious!

(Image from Vida + Luz)

Now if you are concerned that this rule is too limiting, be assured that it is a foundational guideline; a starting point, not an ending point. Slight deviations can actually enhance the rule. Take the below image by Jessi Eve Interior Styling + Design for example. White is used for approximately 60% of the space and its contents, brown for 30% and blue and burgundy for 10%. Again, an aesthetically balanced look but with some variations. For one, different shades of brown are used (floor, stools, sofa etc), and for another, there are two accent colors making up the 10% instead of just one. Both deviations are perfectly acceptable!

(Image from Jessi Eve Interior Styling + Design)

Trust and have fun experimenting with the 60/30/10 rule. I think you’ll love the results! 

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